Summer Madness

IMG_5351Working in the height of Summer brings its own joys. First, there’s less traffic on the road so you can get to work-but better still home from work-much quicker. The warm weather means that tempers can be frayed but its also a great excuse for a few cold wet ones before home time.

In good weather clients seem less rushed, less demanding and even more grateful.

On the down side you are at work when other people you know are on holiday and when you are on holiday-and you are the boss-people still feel willing to email you to ask the most ridiculous questions.

This year we have had the vote on Brexit and we now have the Olympic Games. What a great source of entertainment the Brexit process was but how absolutely fabulous the Olympics is for Great Britain.

 Union Flag

Interest rates are low but here in the North East people are still buying houses and businesses are growing. “Never mind the economy. Let’s get on with life!!”  There appears to be confidence in the economy despite Brexit, the worst fears of the media and the political comedy show that is Labour. Who ever thought politics and politicians could be so funny-if only they had a real job and had to work for a living!!

I’m not Conservative by nature but I do like some of the things Theresa May is doing and saying.

If only Ms Truss, the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice would start reforming prisons properly (instead of talking about it) and start resourcing the Justice systems properly then a lot of the mess created by Grayling (aka the worst Lord Chancellor ever) could be undone. In Court, every day, the Crown is ill-prepared, cases have been poorly investigated, probation don’t have the staff to do their job properly and court sittings have been reduced so that cases take a long time to get to trial. The Justice systems are in a mess-and no-one gives a damn. Those who could complain-Judges, the Police, Prison Governors etc say nothing and try to make the system work. The only way to get the Justice system properly resourced is for all of those in it to embarrass the Government. Then we shall get a Justice system we all deserve.

“Despite all that Tories and Labour and LibDems have said about fighting crime, they have all dismantled the Justice systems to the extent that they are barely functioning.” If you don’t believe me, visit your local Magistrates’ Courts-if you still have one-and look at the chaos.

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