Divorce DIY is usually Divorce SOS

Recently a national Law Firm was criticised on social media for promoting the fact that January is the month in the year when people seek a divorce after the Christmas holiday. It all became quite vitriolic with people suggesting that lawyers were money grabbers and that anyone can do their own divorce.

You can do your own divorce, equally you could cut your own hair, pull out your teeth instead of visiting a dentist or even change the engine in your car. Most of us choose not to deal with these things ourselves instead seeking the help of a specialist.

It is the same with Divorce or Separation. A Family Lawyer is a specialist, often having trained for years and with annual ongoing training to keep up with changes in the law. There have been huge changes in Family Law in the last couple of years. If we need to attend regular training courses to keep abreast of the changes how are you going to cope by reading a couple of online sites?

Filling in forms online looks easy. The Divorce Petition is a very easy form to complete. However, there is nothing on Quick Divorce, Cheap Divorce or DIY Divorce type sites that explains all of the background issues that crop up. The Court staff are not able to give you legal advice if you issue Divorce or Dissolution Proceedings yourself.

You need help to protect your assets from your spouse, how much capital you should be obtaining or giving away, the proper valuation of your spouse’s pension and what this means for your long term future or how your home should be owned….

The issues are complicated. Trying a DIY divorce may seem the cheapest way to proceed. However, get it wrong and you could cost yourself tens of thousands of pounds. Good legal advice could be the difference between keeping or losing your home.

If you are recently separated and require Specialist Legal Advice then contact the family team at Emmersons Solicitors on 0191 2846989 or 0191 5676667 or enquiries@emmersons-solicitors.co.uk


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