Despite the downturn in family relate work, we continue to be instructed in divorce proceedings. Recently we were instructed by 3 separate and unrelated people all of whom had a similar experience.

First: mediation had appeared to them to be the worst option. Each felt that it would mean that their former partner would exercise the same level of power and control over the divorce as they had over the marriage. Each wanted the space to make sure that the resolution was the best they could achieve. Each came to this conclusion before they met us. Each had considered mediation as an alternative.

Second: they had tried to undertake the litigation in person and found the entire Court experience overwhelming. None of them was inadequate intellectually or emotionally but none felt able to deal alone with the demands of the Court system.

Government and the “mediation is best” propagandists would have you believe that these people could have resolved their issues through mediation and could deal with the Courts in person but their experience says otherwise.

We offer a range of financial packages to allow you to choose the involvement you want us to have with your case. It is up to you.

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