Dear Ken

Dear Ken
It all started so well. You said all the right things. Prisons need to be reformed. IPP is a ridiculous sentence that is so under resourced few pass through it as intended.
The Police operate inefficiently as does the entire criminal justice system. The oil in the engine is goodwill and without it little would happen.
You introduced LASPO. This addresses IPP. Little has been done since LASPO given Royal Assent. Why?
The CPS introduced (without consultation) eworking at great expense. So many errors in planning (due to lack of consultation) that paper still has to be used.
Then there’s the Flexible Court Pilots. No consultation there either. Unnecessary in many ways but primarily because there is so little business going through the Magistrates Courts. Courts are being closed. New systems to make management of cases more efficient make cases move slowly. No consultation again.
If you want to effect proper, lasting reform then you and your advisers must lose the prejudice you feel for Solicitors and consult openly about the real problems and real solutions. You and your Ministers surround yourselves with people who will only ever praise your ideas. Myself and colleagues know what works and what doesn’t. Yet you won’t speak to us.
Why don’t you want to engage with those who know how to make the criminal justice system work properly?

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